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Let Your Imagination Run Wild...
We'll Add Our Touch 

At the Added Touch, we are inspired by our diverse clientele- from newly engaged couples to mommies  & daddies to socialites to busy-bee professionals- we can’t get enough of y’all! Tell us what inspires you! Our team has the expertise & capabilities to ensure that every detail you could ever imagine is taken care of.



Our Services 

The Added Touch Events will assist you in designing and executing a sensational event from start to finish. With us, no detail will go unnoticed. From weddings to activation events, to galas, to social gatherings, our services along with our outstanding preferred partners are invaluable components to every stunning celebration we create. 



Experienced Event Consultants   

 We love to hear about what inspires each and every one of our clients! What sparks your imagination? Travel, family, friends, the outdoors, fashion, a fascinating Netfilx flick, a captivating page-turner... tell us all about it! Our brilliantly unique clients influence us to create some of the most extraordinary and unforgettable celebrations.  From weddings to promotional events, The Added Touch Events has the expertise and capabilities to ensure that every detail you could ever imagine is taken care of.